Ron Sullivan was born in Johnson City, New York. Vicki Sullivan started out in Phoenix, Arizona. They met each other as teachers in Vestal, New York. Both had travelled and enjoyed meeting new people and exploring different cultures. They married in Coral Gables, Florida. After many moves, they settled in Tucson, Arizona, in 2010.

For Ron, it started with a Skookum doll he got when he was 3 during a trip to Canada with his mom.

For Vicki, it started with a pot she made when she was 7 that we use to hold paper clips and rubber bands.

The week before we married in 1973, we purchased a piece of pottery in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Neither of us knew it started then. We just knew we collected interesting art pieces that pleased us.

In 2002 we met Tito Carrillo, a Mata Ortiz trader from Tucson. Tito became our mentor and we fell in love with the people in the village of Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Our mission is to preserve, promote, and build on the cultural and artistic heritage of the Mata Ortiz pottery tradition through education, cross border awareness, and economic opportunities.

We invite you to feel connected to these people and their contributions to the art world. Welcome to the Mata Ortiz Connection!