The Mata Ortiz
Pottery Phenomenom
The Renaissance of
Mata Ortiz

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The Emmy® winning cross-cultural story of how an American adventurer and a brilliant, self-taught Mexican artist transformed a dying desert village into a home for world-class ceramics.

From Video Librarian:

“Scott Petersen’s documentary winningly tells the tale of MacCallum’s unlikely odyssey as an arts promoter, and the film also provides a fascinating portrait of Quezada’s equally unlikely rise to prominence. The footage capturing the creation of Quezada’s painstakingly precise designs is wonderful, and MacCallum and Quezada’s accounts are compelling. The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz offers a fascinating look at contemporary Mexican art and culture.”

The Mata Ortiz Pottery Phenomenom follows ceramics enthusiast American Museum of Ceramic Art founder David Armstrong to Mata Ortiz.  The same place that Renaissance man Juan Quezada discovered pottery sherds from the Casas Grandes Indians and was inspired to reinvent their prehistoric techniques.


This film features the history, the economic challenges, and the contemporary artistic innovations of the Mata Ortiz ceramic community while providing a close look at clay gathering, pottery construction, painting, and firing.


Included are footage and interviews with Juan Quezada, Spencer MacCallum, Walter Parks, Nicolas Quezada, Diego Valles and Carla Martinez, Octavio Silveira, Jera Tena, Humberto and Blanca Ponce, Macario Ortiz, Martin Cota, Laura Bugarini, Hector Jr. Gallegos, Hector Sr. Gallegos, Graciela Martinez, and others.

An Ancient Town,
A Continuing Inspiration

The Joint Casas Grandes Expedition (1958-1961) shed new light on pre-Hispanic Northwest Mexico. Conceived by Charles C. Di Peso and William Shirley Fulton, founder of the Amerind Foundation, and in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, the exploration still remains after many decades the largest internationally collaborative archaelogical project in the United States-Mexico borderlands.


This film chronicles the expedition, their findings, as well as current thought on the region by archaeologists working in the field today.

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