Abel Lopez Rodriguez

Abel Lopez Rodriguez

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We met Abel at his home in Barrio Lopez about 2015 when he was 18. His finely etched pieces were spectacularly precise. My reaction was “What is this young man going to be able to do if he continues to learn and improve his craftwork?” This is his version of the sugar skulls of the Day of the Dead celebration on a white pot, painted red, and etched to reveal the sugar skulls with all the frills associated with this tradition.


When the Spaniards invaded Mexico and South America, they discovered a ritual that goes back 3,000 years to the Aztec civilization. Remembering deceased family members and friends is an important part of the culture. Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is time for families to gather at the cemetery, feast, parade, play music, and tell stories about those who died. In this way, they sense that the deceased continue to live in spirit. Abel captures the spirit of this joyous national holiday that is a two-day annual event on November 1 and 2.


Chocolate sugar skulls are hand molded & decorated. Sugar skulls are sometimes eaten, but their main function is to adorn the altars and tombs with a sugary delight for the visiting spirits! Miniature candy skulls are made for the baby angelitos and are displayed on the home altars on November 1, then replaced with full size skulls on November 2 for the returning adult spirits!


Abel and his brother Leonel learned from their dad Leonel Lopez Saenz, Sr, who taught them the fine art of using a surgical needle to etch their pots. Leonel Sr learned from his wife Elena Rodriguez.  In 2020 Abel graduated from college after earning a degree in Measurements.  


Dimensions:  6” tall x 5.5” wide