Jerardo Tena Sandoval

Jerardo Tena Sandoval

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When Paquime culture was thriving, the pueblo of Casas Grandes was a major trading center. Trading macaw feathers and pottery, these people traded up and down what we think of as the Continental Divide. Remnants of macaws from Paquime appear as far north as Mesa Verde in southern Colorado. In those days, traders walked for years trading goods between pueblos. The Mimbres culture in southern New Mexico was probably the closest big culture just to the north of the Paquime culture.


If you’ve ever been to Deming, Silver City, or Gila Cliff Dwellings in southern New Mexico, you were visiting vestiges of the Mimbres culture. Master potter Jerardo Tena has captured the snake dance of the Mimbres culture in this plate.


BTW, Mimbres became its name after the Spanish discovered ruins of a culture along a river in southern New Mexico. The river was lined with willow trees, still visible today along the Mimbres river. Mimbres translates to willow trees in English.


Dimensions:  2” tall x 6” wide

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