Javier Martinez & Gabriela Perez

Javier Martinez & Gabriela Perez

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Javier Martinez Mendez and his wife Gabriela Perez use a sewing needle to etch their pots. Several years ago, an American Mata Ortiz collector suggested to Javier that he design pots to memorialize the Dead of the Dead national holiday. This piece represents Day of the Dead, where the figures are set against a white background. Names on the gravesites are those of deceased potters from the village, some of whom we met. This piece has a graceful lip.


When the Spaniards invaded Mexico and South America, they discovered a ritual that goes back 3,000 years to the Aztec civilization. Remembering deceased family members and friends is an important part of the culture. Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is time for families to gather at the cemetery, feast, parade, play music, and tell stories about those who died. In this way, they sense that the deceased continue to live in spirit. Javier and Gabriela offer their version of this joyous national holiday that is a two-day annual event on November 1 and 2.


Javier and Gabriela live in Barrio Centro with their sons.


Dimensions: 6.5” tall x 4” wide.