Lucero Ozuna Silveira

Lucero Ozuna Silveira

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Lucero’s designs are full of ancient icons of feathers, macaws, and small squares called “cuadritos”. The added dimension of three levels makes this a stunning piece. This pot was formed by Antonio Sandoval Treviso.


Dimensions: 14” tall x 9” wide


Handling and Care

Mata Ortiz pottery is easily breakable. Handle with care. Do not eat, drink, or store food in it. Do not subject to water or spray cleaning products. Use a dry soft cloth to dust.


Many pots require a ring, which is also pottery wrapped in fabric and therefore fragile. Large pots often require a medal stand with fabric wrapped around the top. The fabric protects the pot from incidental scratches.


Packing and Shipping

Your pottery with be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box marked “Fragile”. The shipment will be insured and delivered by USPS in the United States by 3-4 day priority mail.