Pabla Talavera Quezada

Pabla Talavera Quezada

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Pabla learned her craft from her mom Lydia Quezada Celado, who also taught Pabla’s dad Rito Talavera; same story with her brother Moroni Talavera Quezada. When Pabla was about 12, she and Lydia went to Abiquiu, New Mexico, for a week. There Pabla was introduced to Georgia O’Keeffe’s artwork. You can see that influence in this extraordinary piece that represents nature in the shape of a tree. The tree is carved to the inside, through 2 levels of clay. A light shining down into the pot would make that tree glow. Pabla named this piece ”Naturaleza”, along with her signature on the bottom of the pot.


This is one of my all-time favorite pieces.


Pabla lives in Chihuahua City, 3 hours away from her hometown of Nuevo Casas Grandes, where her mom, dad, and brother live. She is married and has 3 sons.


Dimensions: 11” tal x 7” wide