Saul Veloz

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You know how you meet people and don't realize that they can do certain things and are connected to others that you know? Well, we've known Saul for several years. He is one of Marta Veloz's (of Marta's B&B where we stay in Mata Ortiz fame) brothers. We knew that. When we were in the village in December 2019, he showed us a pot that he had made. We bought it. He died a couple of months later. And as were confirming familly connections for this website, we discovered that his wife was Armida Saenz and daughter is Celia Veloz. Some things just happen that way. Saul was so grateful that we bought this pot from him. Sweet memories....


This tan clay pot shows the Paquime designs.


Dimensions: 8" tall x 4.5" wide